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Thread: Best free website provider and host?

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    Exclamation Best free website provider and host?


    Im looking for a new free website provider and host as I currently have a Lycos Tripod website and as Lycos are closing all there accounts I need a new one. My website is only a little fan website http://members.lycos.co.uk/myicklestars/ and I use Lycos Web Builder to update it so I need a website where you can put on HTML scripts. I've been looking at 110mb.com as I have seen alot of good reviews for them but any help and ideas would be very much appreciated.

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    awardspace.com gives 200MB FREE space, NO-ADS and they leave you alone. No begging 6-weeks to 'upgrade to a premium account' or other 'thought you might enjoy hearing from some of our sponsors.'

    They (awardspace) allow you to conduct (legal) commerce too, so if you blog and decide to monetize your site with AdSence or sell items, etc., again, they leave you alone. Most free hosts as soon as you start to make a nickel, they want you to upgrade to premium package.

    The 'ad free' and 200-MB space with up to 5 additional subs is an excellent freebie. They support FTP too. Don't know about lycos, but Geocities (the US version) does not/did not allow FTP on FREE account. The Canadian one however, does(did?) I used to use the Canadian one for hosting my college web pages for grading, etc.
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