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Thread: [RESOLVED] Google Chrome and Google Search Box

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Google Chrome and Google Search Box

    I am having a super annoying issue where the Google Search on my site is displayed differently in Google Chrome than in IE6, IE7, FF, Opera, Sea Monkey, and Safari.

    For some reason, Google Chrome has decided to make the text box section of the Google Search form longer than the same form box in all the other browsers. This makes the Google Search on my page look crappy. Does anyone have any ideas how to make Google Chrome behave the same as the other browsers? Has anyone else run into this problem before?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you mean Google site search? On their site it looks the same in all browsers.
    Perhaps you have some css that alters it's properties.
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    I do mean the site search, yes. I'm not aware of anything that alters its properties.

    I finally figured out what to do though. I changed the width of the box its in from a static value to auto. That way each browser can pick how big to make my float box around the Google site search.

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