Hi all,

I spent along time getting this free script ( http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/55377.html ) to work as I am a novice in this area and the script is great in that it allows visitors to leave a comment on news articles as shown on this page http://www.minifigtimes.com/news/200...-story01.shtml

The problem is I have discovered that I can only have 1 thread of comments i.e. each page I creat with a news story cannot have its own dedicated comment thread...

I found someone had the same issue described here http://forum.cgiscript.net/showthrea...ghlight=cspost and the code writer said

Unfortunately csPost is just single threaded. What are you using for your news articles? I did do a modification for someone where it allowed you to insert an ID on a template so that it generated a unique 'post' per unique ID. You can email me directly at angrick1@cgiscript.net if you want to discuss this further.
I contacted both him and the person who had the issue but have had no feedback as yet..

Just wondering if anyone (a) can provide any help or (b) knows of another free cgi script that allows multi-threads comments?