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Thread: Form validation and mail

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    Form validation and mail

    Hi, I was hoping someone could write a script for my form that would validate the form and mail the results.

    I have a multi-page form found here:
    Page One
    Page Two
    Page Three
    Page Four

    Page one is a basic data entry with some required fields, ie valid email, valid uk phone number.

    Page two, I need it to ensure a number is selected and the input field is filled with a valid uk phone number.

    Page three, needs to ensure that selections are made and again that a valid email is used

    page four, needs to send a mail holding the information displayed displayed.

    I am told javascript and PHP should be used together on this and I know nothing about either, if someone is kind enough to do this for me, I would appreciate it if you could comment your work so I can learn how it was done.

    Many Thanks

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    Yes, the PHP part is necessary, and it could be done all in PHP (no JavaScript) but I would have to charge you $800 to write the PHP. If you also wanted JavaScript, I would have to add another $400 on top of that. Send me a private message if you want to talk further about this.

    Oh, did you want that done for free? Sorry, that is not what this site is for. This site is for getting help with the code that YOU are writing for yourself. So, post some code and I'd be happy to talk to you about its problems -- for free.

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