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Thread: Why is it completely ignoring this (MySQL)

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    Question Why is it completely ignoring this (MySQL)

    SELECT * FROM thread_reports ORDER BY report_datetime DESC, resolved DESC

    It's completely ignoring the "resolved" at the end. Even if I change it to this:

    SELECT * FROM thread_reports ORDER BY report_datetime, resolved

    But if I do this:
    SELECT * FROM thread_reports ORDER BY resolved

    Then it makes the "resolved" column a factor in how it orders the results.

    Soooo what the heck is going on? Why does it ignore resolved except when it's by itself?
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    because order by clauses are written like:

    (column name [ASC|DESC] )*
    No comma.
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    Actually, the initially posted queries should work--sorting by multiple columns does require that the columns be separated by a comma. My initial reaction to the original question is that you're probably misinterpreting what the sort should do. Can you supply some sample output using a small data set and the "broken" query?
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