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Thread: Encrypt/Decrypt Password in Javascript

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    Encrypt/Decrypt Password in Javascript

    This is going to sound really weird, but here goes. I need a way to encrypt a password via php (I'm not worried about the encrypting, just the javascript required to decrypt it) to store into a bookmarklet. The javascript bookmarklet will then need to decrypt the password before it stores it in the field. Obviously a hacker could still get the password, but I'm just trying to do this to prevent hackers from quick looks at the password being stored in clear text.
    The easier the better. The only thing it needs to do is make a password like "password", not look like "password" when in the javascript bookmarklet. FYI, this is being used mainly for a autofill script for an iphone/ipod touch safari.


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    Try this out:
    String.prototype.toEncodedString = function(){var ostr=this.toString().replace(/\s+/g,'');if(ostr.length<8){alert("Password must be at least 8 characters long with no spaces.");return null;};var x,nstr='',len=ostr.length;for(x=0;x<len;++x){nstr+=(255-ostr.charCodeAt(x)).toString(36).toUpperCase().toPaddedString(2,'0');};return nstr;};
    String.prototype.fromEncodedString = function(){var ostr=this.toString();var x,nstr='',len=ostr.length;for(x=0;x<len;x+=2){nstr+=String.fromCharCode(255-parseInt(ostr.substr(x,2),36));};return nstr;};
    Number.prototype.toPaddedString = function(len,pad){len=(len)?Number(len):2;if(isNaN(len)){alert("Padded String 'length' argument is not numeric.");return null;};var dflt=(isNaN(this.toString()))?" ":"0";pad=(pad)?pad.toString().substr(0,1):dflt;var str=this.toString();if(dflt=="0"){while(str.length<len)str=pad+str;};else{while(str.length<len)str+=pad;};return str;};
    String.prototype.toPaddedString = Number.prototype.toPaddedString;
    var str = window.prompt('Enter string to encode:','');
    if (str = str.toEncodedString())
    	str = window.prompt('Enter encoded string:',str);
    	str = str.fromEncodedString();
    	alert('Encoding cancelled.');

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