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Thread: Placing a transparent png over hyperlink?

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    Placing a transparent png over hyperlink?


    just started putting together a new build of my portfolio and stumbled across my first problem (of many i'm sure).

    I've uploaded my progress so far so you can have a look here...


    As you can see I have used slideshow 2 and the problem i've got is since i have placed the frame (frame.png) over the top of the slideshow image the controls are no longer accessible.

    Any ideas on where to go with this issue?


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    I'm not so sure that the controls don't work. Since pngs are transparent in IE7, things worked just fine there. But in IE6 they are not, so did a little testing there. I think the controls may still work but since the frame.png is not transparent in IE6, couldn't tell if controls worked or not, frame covered up what's under it. To test, punch a hole in frame.png and then lay over the slide show and test. See if controls actually work.
    Problem really seems to be frame.png, which does not render transparent in all browser. You might Google "png transparency IE6" for some work arounds.
    If the idea of the transparent image is to prevent stealing the photo, it may slow a few people but all I have to do to get that image is go to my Temp Internet cache and get it from there. Not the greatest security.
    Have you considered putting each image inside a Flash .swf. Then use a Flash slideshow to load the various .swfs. Oh they will still be there in the Temp Internet cache, but now they are much harder to reuse or print out.
    Anyway..just a thought.

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