I am running a simple php order form where the user enters certain info about himself and hits submit. The form works just fine, i get the e-mail and the thank you page is displayed.

However, now if i try to press any link, i get a Error 501 - Method not implemented from the server, no matter what link it is on the page. If i wait 15 seconds to press any link, then everything works just fine.

I can't count on the user to wait 15 seconds, and if he fails to reach any next page it is a problem.

does any one have any idea what it could be?

Error displayed:
Method Not Implemented
watchbrand=nothing&fname=&lname=&phone=&email=&submit=SubmitGET to /faq.html not supported.

Invalid method in request watchbrand=nothing&fname=&lname=&phone=&email=&submit=SubmitGET /faq.html HTTP/1.1

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

NOTE: doesn't matter what html is clicked, the error will change respectively for that.