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Thread: Database vs html content for SEO

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    Database vs html content for SEO

    Is there a difference between your site having lots of good content in a database which is most of them is only brough up only when a user clicks to read more for a certain news, and having the useful content directly connected by html pages - as far as SEO?
    I am asking because I have content that is store din database as I enter recnet news and it is quite a lot but 90% of it is only brought up only when user clicks to read more...

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    There is no difference for google, if the googlebot can follow the link "read more", it reach the page parsed and read plain html pages.

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    actually I think I didnt ask my question clearly...By forwarded domain, what I mean is, you type the domain name on your browser, and it immediately brings up the forwarded website automatically. That is what I mean by forwarding....So based on that, any ideas about my question? How do you track performance of such a forwarded domain?

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