Hi there

i'm trying to display on an HTML page the value of one record in an XML file on another server. Does anyone know how?

    <PRODUCT ITEM="0001" NAME="product 1">
        <STOCK>In Stock.</STOCK>
    <PRODUCT ITEM="0002" NAME="product 2">
        <STOCK>out of stock. </STOCK>
Does anyone know how to call the data based on an element attribute. ie, i want to call whether ONE product is in stock, based on its 'NAME'.

Ie; HTML would display "In Stock." on an HTML page that calls the 'STOCK' value for the 'PRODUCT' element with 'NAME' attribute 'product 1' but a different HTML page would display "out of stock." as it would call 'STOCK' value from 'PRODUCT' element with 'NAME' attribute 'product 2'.

I've been trying to figure this out forever if anyone can help id be really greatful, i guess its probably quite easy?