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Thread: Client wants to update her own site, what should I use?

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    Client wants to update her own site, what should I use?

    I am an accidental web designer, so my programming knowledge is a bit limited. More and more clients are asking for pages that they can update themselves. I have not been able to determine the best way of going about this, php, perl/cgi, etc I can't figure out the best route to take. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Once I know which approach to take I can get the specifics for building those pages. Thanks for any and all help.

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    ASP.Net provides the Master Page design concept.

    You create the page layout specifying "content sections" that would permit the site owner to create the content for those sections only.

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    I might suggest looking into one of the many CMS (content management system) options out there, or maybe even a blog system such as WordPress. Take a look at www.opensourcecms.com for a lot of PHP-based, open-source choices. Choosing one of these may (a) save you a lot of time over trying to write your own and (b) likely be much more secure than what you would create if you are not an experienced programmer. (I just recently downloaded and tried out Concrete5, and it looks pretty nice for setting up basic web sites.)
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    This is the 21st century and a basic understanding of HTML should be an essential part of literacy. And if you've designed her site properly then it should only take you 15 minutes or so to show her how to edit the HTML. Teaching her HTML would certainly be less work for you than adapting the CMS and learning HTML will likely be less work for her than learning how to use the same.
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