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Thread: blog related to my custom site

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    blog related to my custom site

    I am developing a custom web site with users who will login and upload data. The site is very custom and I have to develop it myself. However, I would like to allow my users to discuss stuff related to the site on a blog that does not require them to login to another site with different user names and passwords. How can I do this?

    In case this needs further explanation, here is an example. Someone logs into my site as user joeblow with their password. They add some data to the site and then click a blog link on the site. I want them to go to a blog that does not require them to login again, because they already logged in. There they can discuss various topics related to my site. Since it is a public blog, search engines and blog APIs will have access to the data in the blog. I could certainly write the blog pages myself, but it would be a lot more work, a gross re-invention of existing wheels, and would not be as searchable by search engines as existing blog databases.

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    Try Disqus.

    I've put it on a site to test it because I didn't want to install another mySQL database and wordpress/drupal/joomla or whatever.

    For a simple site, it seems okay.


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