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Thread: How do I get this div where I want it?

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    How do I get this div where I want it?

    how do I get this div to NOT break to the next line? I want the red flag to appear NEXT to the date. do I have to use span tags instead, somehow (I tried already, wasn't sure how to do it though...)

    page with the div - look next to the recipe title and date (login using sr/cci)

    the stylesheet (it is using the styles at the very bottom of the file, all of the ones denoted with #navig3)

    any and all help would be very appreciated!


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    have you tried putting June 17, 2008 (without the   ) in a span or p tag and using float left on that as well? I usually find that when you want two elements to appear side by side using floats you have to add float left to both attributes. Might help, might not.

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    wow, thanks! seems to work. I haven't tested it but it's working on my computer. I appreciate your input!

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