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    New site design

    Hi all, I'm working on developing a website for my dad's business. This was supposed to be a project with a timeline geared towards summer but little did I know he submitted his url to The Yellow Pages when they called for their annual update. This gets published in March, therefore I need to put something up other than a blank page. Right now, i've just posted a banner with business card like information.

    What I need help with is the following; I know it's very very very bad practice to as little as whisper the words "Under Construction" on a website but is it bad to say something like "check back soon for more information" or something like that...I just feel like it might be too minimalist since there IS more coming in good time.

    Here's a screenshot: http://beta.digiconmediagroup.com/rs.jpg

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    No need for that and nobody is going to come back to see your new information. They will hit that page because they are looking for certain information right then and there. Chances are they really won't be all that interested in that other information either. They will hit that page because they want insurance or have a question about their policy. So add an e-mail address and a motto describing better the services offered, something like "Specializing in the insuring of horseless carriages since 1820." Then your site will be in a state of perfection. Remember, white space is often your friend. You don't want to end up looking like the Weekly World News.
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