The ASP Error And Problem Resolution Thread

This thread exists to showcase errors and other problems in ASP that have been solved, and thus exists as a resource for others to search and view solutions, since many kinds of errors show up over and over again.


  1. Do not post unsolved code problems here. To post, your problem must already have been solved.
  2. Explain the problem clearly.
    1. If you were dealing with a code error, include the exact error feedback from the server, or at least the error type.
    2. Show both before and after code.
    3. Describe what exactly was wrong with the code.
  3. Make sure to use lots of appropriate keywords.
  4. Use the relevant forum code rendering tags for your needs:
    1. [php] and [/php] for ASP code,
    2. [html] and [/html] for HTML
    3. [code] and [/code] for anything else/regexps (which get ruined with the PHP tags)

Index of Solutions