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Thread: Finding a CMS - Where Do I Start?I have been asked to research options for content ma

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    Finding a CMS - Where Do I Start?I have been asked to research options for content ma

    I have been asked to research options for content management for our company's intranet. With just a basic search for CMS, I am already completely overwhelmed and don't even know where to start.

    I guess the first step is to outline exactly what we need. We are a air medical transport company with a relatively complex intranet that ties into several external programs including HR software that was written in house as well as a dispatching system to track our helicopter and mobile ICU transports. We are also preparing to launch a document management system to scan all files including medical records so security is absolutely essential.

    To start, we are just looking for a way to organize and archive the massive amount of files we have. We are currently using FrontPage for the basic content pages and for the most part, all updates must go through one of our IT staff to be posted. I'm not sure our IT director will ever be willing to completely let go of that control but he might be willing to open up certain pages/sections for others to update w/ approval.

    HELP!!! Where do I start?

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    I don't know if you're looking for something open-source or not, but our company does CMS. I tread on making this post, as I do not want it to seem commercial, and I am not in sales, so I'll just post a link to our site and you can take it from there

    Scott Prelewicz
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    COMAND Solutions

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