I am in the process of a website redesign for a local historian. She currently uses notepad to create her site and every file is in a single directory and every file contains all the coding for a single page. Here site is growing rapidly, tracing the history of more and more families.

I’m trying to layout her new site with each family in its own directory and use Server Side Includes (SSI) to simplify her coding. I’m also using Variable HTML to allow her to float her navigation from the bottom of each page to the sides as the page width increases.

When I put my first cut of a “How To” manual on line for her to see (note this is still being done in my own directory, not her website yet) I discovered a problem with SSI on my Linux hosting server. Basically, the “../” does not work in the filenames. I know that I can just duplicate the included files for things like banner and signature in every family directory, but since these items will be identical on every page of the website, I want them to exist only once in the root directory.

So, finally my question, does anyone know how to make the “../” work on Linux?

A complete demo of the problem is viewable at http://bitwarehosting.com/MIM/HowTo/ the page is full of “an error occurred while processing this directive” messages. One appears for every “../” included file. You can see the coding of the main structure of the new site at http://bitwarehosting.com/MIM/HowTo/ssi.shtml . You can see a picutre of the directory layout at http://bitwarehosting.com/MIM/HowTo/chart.shtml. You can also get a full description of what I'm trying to do by following the links on any of these pages. Use this link to see what these pages should look like: http://bitwarehosting.com/MIM/. Note that her home page does NOT contain a link to the how to section, that isfor her eyes only. Also, feel free to adjust the width of yoru browser screen and see how the design of the site changes; your comments on that are welcome also.

Please note, these pages were designed to match what the historian was doing with notepad.

I looked into using include virtual and creating an Include directory, but on my local IIS server the initial / takes me to c:\Inetpub\wwwroot I’m not sure where this will take me on a Linux server with virtual domains.

So, any suggestions on how to make all this work? Like I said, my fallback is to just duplicate the 5 root based included files in every sub directory.

Thanks in advance for any feedback that I receive