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Thread: help needed with bookmarking script

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    Question help needed with bookmarking script

    hi guys,

    i'm creating a bookmarking script that allows my website visitors to bookmark a special link that executes some javascript code that detects the title(document.title) and url(window.location) of the site they are viewing then redirects them to a pre-filled form with those two items that they can edit and submit for approval.

    however the problem i'm having is that if the url has extra parameters some are getting lost....

    gets chopped down to...

    is there a javascript function that can encode the url so nothing gets lost on the way over?

    also what should i use to encode the title if has special characters like ellipses(...), pipes(|), etc?

    thanks guys,
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    you can send data from a page to another using anchors and coding data in base64.

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