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Thread: Home and Parent variations with SSI

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    Home and Parent variations with SSI

    I’m not sure if this is the proper place to ask this question, it does sort of deal with server management, so here it goes.

    I’m trying to work out a conflict with server side includes between IIS running on my development platform at home and Linux running on my hosting server. The conflict has me in a catch-22.

    I have a virtual host pointing to C:\MySites\NewDomain on my IIS server at home and I have NewDomain virtual hosted at the Linux server. On both servers I have files in the root directories and also a subdirectory called HowTo. In the HowTo directory I have an shtml file that needs to include the website banner which exists in an htm file in the root directory. Hope everyone followed that, now here is the problem.

    On the IIS server at home I can reference the banner file as:

    <!--#include file=”../banner.htm”--> and it works fine.

    On the Linux Server I get the message “an error occurred while processing this directive” because it cannot resolve the path.

    On the Linux Server I can reference the banner file as:

    <!--#include file=”/banner.htm"--> and it works fine.

    On the IIS Server I get an error because “/” points to “c:\InetPub\wwwRoot”, not the root fo the virtual domain.

    What works for one fails on the other. I want to be able to create and test the files at home then upload them as is to the Linux Server.

    I need either of the following questions resolved:

    How can I get the Linux Server to recognize ../ as the parent directory?

    How do I get My IIS service to recognize / as the home directory of the virtual host?

    Thanks in advance

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