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Thread: file getting written wrongly

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    Exclamation file getting written wrongly

    I use a simple file counter to track how many times each function
    in a script of mine gets executed. so I have two file
    to track how many times each function is called/executed.
    The script is written is such a way that
    one function will be executed once only
    after the other function is executed
    atleast three times.(after page receives 3 hits)
    So content of one file will be always higher than the other file.
    But sometimes the content of the second file
    is more than the other file
    What might be the problem ?

    Is there any other way to track how many times a function is called ?

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    Can you post some code? It sounds like a logic error to me.

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    As far as tracking function usage, I might do:
    PHP Code:
    $GLOBALS['function_count'][__FUNCTION__]) ? 
    $GLOBALS['function_count'][__FUNCTION__]) + 1;
    // rest of function definition . . .
    // end of script:
    $log __FILE__ " (" date('Y-m-d H:i:s') . "): ";
    $GLOBALS['function_count'] as $function => $count)
    $log .= $function $count "; ";
    error_log(rtrim($log" ;")); 
    Then just check the PHP error log for usage (or specify a separate file in the call to error_log()).
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