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Thread: rewrite url on a subdomain name...

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    rewrite url on a subdomain name...

    I have set up a subdomain URL in the web host CP in the format...


    which has the full URL of...


    and when any link is clicked in the forum, the URL changes to the one above from the URL above that one..

    How do I tackle the URL issue and rewriteing stuff as I need to chop forum/members out so that I have...


    OR if its possble...


    OR if its possble...


    If anyone can help or point me to help, NOT THE APACHE SITE PLEASE, that effing things about as clear as mud.

    Question is will all URL's be rewritten on that path or will it break images and links in posts? and how do I cope with links to things like pdf files in the forum stored elsewhere on the server?

    I am the first to admit that I am virgin to this, all I knew was the .htaccess could allow you to password protect a folder, never had an idea of half the stff it goes on about. I would like to take advantage of this server with .htaccess and rewrites.

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    Anyone else have a problem getting started with this... http://www.yourhtmlsource.com/sitema...rewriting.html cracked it in about 5 minutes on some of the main bits that were confusing, now I understand some of the anatomy of it...

    Now if Apache had explained it in those terms, It makes sense rather than looking like a glyph of some kind.

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