Hey all! I have a new website that I have been working on. I am very new to the web designing, but I need to do this.

My problem is that I have images on the page right now, but I would like to put in some java so that when a customer clicks on an image, the image opens up a larger version and a description of the image.

I have found something online that I have to pay to use, but I'd much rather not have to pay. If you look at this website: http://www.scriptsearch.com/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=3707, I want to be able to do what the sepia tree image does when clicked. (1st column, 2nd row in the examples)

Can anybody help me out with this? It is driving me nuts that I can't find anywhere online how to do this.

The site that I have been building is RecycledWarmth.com and the part that I need this script on is: http://www.recycledwarmth.com/hempshopping.html