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Thread: Xml data fetching using php... help!

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    Xml data fetching using php... help!

    I have an xml file.and i need fetch the data using php

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
    <ALEXA VER="0.9" URL="way2sms.com/" HOME="0" AID="=">
     <RLS PREFIX="http://" more="203">
      <RL HREF="www.indyarocks.com/" TITLE="Indyarocks - Bringing India Together" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.atrochatro.com/" TITLE="AtroChatro.com" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.f9games.com/" TITLE="F9games - India's Largest Games Portal" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.ibibo.com/" TITLE="ibibo - create blogs, share opinions, questions & answers, sea" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.bigadda.com/" TITLE="BigAdda" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.youmint.com/" TITLE="YouMint: Free sms to India, send free sms, get paid to invite friends and receiv" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.bharatmatrimony.com/" TITLE="BharatMatrimony.com" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.indiaresults.com/" TITLE="India Results" /> 
      <RL HREF="tollywoodvideos.in/" TITLE="TOLLYWOOD VIDEOS" /> 
      <RL HREF="www.shine.com/" TITLE="Seeking Harmony in Neighborhoods Everyday (SHiNE)" /> 
      <TITLE TEXT="Way2SMS" /> 
      <ADDR STREET="No:89, Road No:9," CITY="Hyderabad, AP 500038" STATE="" ZIP="" COUNTRY="india" /> 
      <PHONE NUMBER="914023546453" /> 
      <OWNER NAME="Way2sms.com" /> 
      <EMAIL ADDR="ceo@way2sms.com" /> 
      <LINKSIN NUM="61" /> 
      <SPEED TEXT="7453" PCT="7" /> 
      <POPULARITY URL="way2sms.com/" TEXT="1457" /> 
      <RANK DELTA="-486" /> 
      <CHILD SRATING="0" /> 
      <REACH RANK="1699" /> 
    and now i want fetch the data from this file.i need to fetch the values such as PHONE NUMBER,OWNER NAME,EMAIL ADDR....seperately and store them in the database could any help me with some php code for fetching the data

    Thanks for all your support.

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    The DOM extension or the XMLReader extension can make parsing XML pretty easy.
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    Some example code

    Could you explain clearly with some example codes plz..Thank for your co-operation..........

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