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Thread: Using multiple XSL's with a single XML Document

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    Question Using multiple XSL's with a single XML Document

    I have a single XML document. I have a stylesheet applied to it:

    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="home.xsl"?>

    I have stored all the information needed in the single XML document. In the style sheet home, I have two images. Is it possible to place a link or somthing similar to that on the images, so that once clicked on the style sheet used will change?
    I also appologise if there is a previous about this, but i couldn't find anything about it.

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    Do you have access to any server-side capabilites? (PHP, ASP, etc..)

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    I have looked at that, is there an easier way? It needs to be accomplished within a certain amount of time, I'm being tested on it at Uni.

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    Are you allowed to use javascript to execute the transformation? Eg see:

    Modify the transformation function to take the xsl's filename.
    When the button is clicked, call the transformation function with a different xsl filename argument.

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    Thanks very much, but we cannot use javascript. Is there any other way. If not, i'll just try to use multiple XML's with a single XSL per sheet.

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