I have an xml document, linked to a flash file.

xml document relates to several countries of Europe, one of the nodes for each country in the xml document is a <url></url> node.

initially all these will be empty, but over time they will get a partial url, the last part of the url only.

how on earth do I do these two things with this node:?

If there is no content in the node, the flash movie clip of that country is set mc.visible=false. (the background graphic creating a greyed-out effect)

But there IS content in the node of that country, Flash sets that country movie clip to mc.visible=true
AND extracts the data from the node, appending the nodeValue into an incomplete url on a getURL command ..

So when there is no content, the country has no (country shaped) button to click but if there IS content in that node, it becomes visible and clickable and the url is completed, so the user can open the relevant page.

I'm having a real problem with this and would really appreciate any pointers!