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Thread: New Directory, Web Presence

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    New Directory, Web Presence

    I have started a new directory called Urban Blog List, I still have a lot of work the I want to do, especially moving it to a faster server, etc. I would like some ideas, criticisms, and mainly ideas for future web exposure without ads or link exchanges.


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    Nice looking site.

    Just a few things i've noticed.

    -"Michigan(252)" shouldn't it have 0 instead of 252.. it shouldn't be the number of items in all cities, not the number of cities? i could be wrong...

    - Maybe have a interactive map of all the states.. it took me a awhile to find my state.

    Other than the slow loading.. it's good.

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    I don't know---you have all these cities/towns but there are no entries in them. Wouldn't it be better if the cities didn't show up until there actually was a blogsite there, unless someone was adding one?

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