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Thread: Where've My Carriage Returns Gone?

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    Where've My Carriage Returns Gone?

    I have a webpage which I constructed solely by using the help of others. Because I've got precious little skills and this page uses some pretty clever tricks, far beyond me - like no matter how much I study it I still don't know how it does what it does. But I like it. It's great.

    The foreground scrolls and the background remains still.
    The background has numerous areas that contain a link - 'click' and you go off to that link.

    The URL's of these links are associated with page coordinates in the code.
    Very nice to have them all listed top to bottom, easy to read, easy to edit.

    The problem is that for some reason only the first four or so will remain in a list, one line under the other. The remainder all join together in a long straggle that goes off the page to infinity on the right. Apparently carriage returns are cast out as soon as I put them in.

    You can see this behaviour for yourself if you look at the source code for mbccc.net

    Or if you can't I'd like to know why it happens to me and not you.

    Note it happens when I take the page into NVU for editing, too.

    Can anyone point a finger at what's going on here?

    And if anyone has a critique of the page - knows of a better way to implement this good trick, I'd like to hear it, too.



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    instead of carriage returns insert a <br /> tag
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    I see a few deprecated ("old") tags being used, a few small validational warnings and a missing !doctype identifier. -Page looks a bit different in IE than is does in Firefox.

    I would opt for a semantic approach, -for these are 'paragraphs' being used, but there is not one "<p> </p>" in the entire document. If those were used, you could get rid of all of the outdated "<br>" tags, and the block-level "<p>" tag would provide all the top & bottom margins required. then you can specify width making this page 'fluid' for different browsers.

    But all-in-all, there is little wrong here. What it would take to totally fix this up is about 10 or 15-minutes. :-)
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    I have no idea........

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    Just press Enter after each array item and save.

    There is no indication of a link. Why would anyone then click on the page? It's pointless.
    The text is difficult to read with such a dark background.
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