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Thread: mod_rewrite help

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    mod_rewrite help

    I need some help with a mod rewrite.

    I have a web application up and running on a subdomain (http://foo.bar.com)

    I want to be able to access this application from a directory on the root domain. (http://www.bar.com/foo).

    I see how you can do the reverse of this, but I can't get it to work. I don't want to redirect it, I want the site (http://foo.bar.com) to be accessible through both domains.

    How can I get this done with mod_rewrite?

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    You will have to redirect it, just use what is called a transparent redirect, the user never has to know that the url was redirected server side.

    Just drop the [R] or [R=...] from the redirect line.
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