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Thread: Can I call a VBScript Function from a JavaScript function?

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    Unhappy Can I call a VBScript Function from a JavaScript function?

    Hi. I was wondering how I could call a VBScript function from within a JavaScript function. When my form is submitted, a JavaScript function to validate the form is called. The Validate function calls another JavaScript function that returns true or false. I would like to conditionally call a VBScript function from the JavaScript function depending on whether true or false is returned. The VBScript function calls a COM object to save changes to the form. Here is what I have tried:

    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/vbscript" LANGUAGE="VBScript">
      Function SaveChanges()
        Dim tmpMonth, tmpDay, tmpYear, tmpDate
        intFrmID = 1
        Set oDBCnObj = Server.CreateObject("AASForm525D3DB.DBConnect")
        Set oDBFunctions = Server.CreateObject("AASForm525D3DB.Form525D3DB")
        oDBFunctions.SetActiveConnection oDBCnObj.GetCurrentConnection
        Set rsClaimant = oDBFunctions.LoadClaimantForm(CInt(intFrmID))
       End Function
    <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      function ValidateClaimantDrugForm()
        {var objForm = document.frmClaimantDrug;
         var blSaved;
         with (objForm) {
           var strEmpBegin = lstEmpBeginM.value + "/" + txtEmpBeginD.value + "/" + txtEmpBeginY.value;
          if (doValidation())
             blSaved = Function('return SaveChanges()');
             if(blSaved == true)
               return false;
             else if(blSaved == false)
               return true;
             return false;
      } //validateClaimantDrugForm
    This is not working at all. How in the world do I go about doing this? I appreciate any help or advice.

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    Yes. The way I have done this is to use a form with hidden fields and programmatically click the submit button to an ASP page. If you have any variables you are wanting to save/store in a db or file, you must load that information into hidden fields (that is what I have done).

    Let me know if you need further clarification.


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