Hello there guys. Sorry for making a question out from the start, but I had no idea where to ask this.

I have a relatively small website, and it's been on for almost a year now. Recently, due to traffic shortage, we started considering restructuring the website.

What I want to make of my site is to allow members to host dream journals just like one would in a blog, but I also want the blogs to be readily available for reading and commenting by others (as in, place them in a list, just like the threads in a forum).

I also want to have a community forum in a secondary part of the forum, where the members may discuss just like in any bb.

I nearly drowned in an everlasting list of CMS trying to find an option that would suit me, but no results so far.

One might ask "why not just instruct members to make dream journals as threads on the forum?". Well, that is exactly what I don't want - it would be just like any other webforum around. I want something that will make this stand out.

I have a little grasp of php, so skinning and tuning shouldn't be much of a problem.

Any suggestions?