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Thread: How to extract a certain div from responseText

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    How to extract a certain div from responseText

    I am just about javascript newbie, so please bear with me!

    I have the following code which I use to fetch an external file and place it within a div tag on current page.

    At the moment, the code successfully fetches the entire file, but I would like to alter it to fetch only a certain div tag from the file, let's say <div id="mydivtag">

    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!

    	mnmxmlhttp = new myXMLHttpRequest ();
    	if (mnmxmlhttp) {
    			mnmxmlhttp.open ("POST", url, true);
    			mnmxmlhttp.setRequestHeader ('Content-Type',
    			mnmxmlhttp.send (content);
    			errormatch = new RegExp ("^ERROR:");
    			target2 = document.getElementById (divcontent);
    			mnmxmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function () {
    				if (mnmxmlhttp.readyState == 4) {
    					mnmString = mnmxmlhttp.responseText;
    					if (mnmString.match (errormatch)) {
    						mnmString = mnmString.substring (6, mnmString.length);
    						target = document.getElementById (divcontent);
    						target2.innerHTML = mnmString;
    					} else {						
    						target = document.getElementById (divcontent);
    						target2.innerHTML = mnmString;

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