My client currently wants to have products listed on the site with product name/model No/Images/Details/Spec/Condition/Brand etc and users can search for products based on several criteria. Ont he admin side, the admin can add/delete/update product information+images. This is the first phase of the project since his business is mainly local. He is planning on the e-commerce site at a later time.

So I was wondering what would be the best solution for this? joomla/zen cart or any other. The main thing he is looking at is the ability for the user to search for a product based on some criteria such as condition/price/style/brand name etc.

To get the search capabilities going with either of them(joomal/zen cart), do I need any additional plugins or is that part of the sw. Wondering if anyone can give me some insights into this. I am checking out joomla right now but still not sure if its the right one for this site. Are there any others you can recommend.