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Thread: Servlet vs JSP

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    Servlet vs JSP

    Hello everyone,

    I'm an experienced Java dev, but I'm new to JSP, servlets, and EJBs.

    I've basically written a large java application which I want to run on an app server, running JBoss, and have multiple users access/use this application via a web browser.

    I'll need to ask the user for some setup details (upload a file too), and this request will be passed along to an EJB which will execute the program.

    I think I'll need a servlet for 2 things: 1, to create a reference to the EJB and 2, to retrieve the results from the EJB and display it in HTML to the user.

    My question is this! -> For a user to "run" this application, should I have her point directly to the servlet, or should I have her point to some jsp/php/html page which uses the servlet as the ACTION for a form?

    Is there an advantage to using one versus the other?

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