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Thread: Scalable Java Server side development

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    Scalable Java Server side development

    I am in the process of architecting a new web site. I am planning on using HTML/Javascript/Ajax on the client side, and MySQL. The question is what would be the best choice of technology on the server side to provide a scalable (within reason) solution.

    I don't want to go down the full-fat J2EE route if at all possible. What I would like to build is a simple server farm. Are there easy to use frameworks in Java (J2SE) that would make this possible? How would this work with Apache and/or Tomcat (can these be used to act as a load balancer).

    I would also consider php on the server side as there is such strong support for it for websites, but I think Java is likely to be a more robust and performant solution. For either option I would be looking to use free tools....

    All architectural advice, or info on good references would be appreciated as I am finding it difficult navigating the line between small hobbyist website and full-on enterprise level architectures.

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    All the Tomcat books Ive seen have a chapter on clustering w/ load balencing. I know thats not much help but it answer's one of your questions!

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    Those should be good to get you started. The last one has quick videos of using the netbeans ide to create robust java web applications very quickly and even includes the ability to lay javascript frameworks into the app such as prototype, dojo, or jquery.

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