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Thread: Doesn't Reset !

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    Doesn't Reset !

    My attachment is a timetable where names can be dropped to any of the white cells.

    It has got 3 buttons :

    1) NEXT - Takes user to next week

    2) CURRENT - Takes user to present week

    3) RESET ALL FIELDS - All the white cells should be emptied of the dragged names.

    I have made following function for RESET ALL FIELDS ( the last function in script header)

    function resetPage(){
    It is called in the last part of the body.

    The problem is that RESET ALL FIELDS doesn't work.

    My 2nd problem is that the 3 buttons don't come in one single line.
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    The data is in list items, not a form element.
    Remove all <li>'s from all <ul>'s
    ID's should be unique!

    Remove the form element from the last button.
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