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Thread: Help needed - ActiveX control problem

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    Question Help needed - ActiveX control problem

    Hi All,

    I've spent the last few days digging around trying to figure this one out and I realise I may simply be out of my league.

    I have an ActiveX control that once put into a webpage etc allows me to connect to a Digital Video Recorder on my network and see the footage etc - easy done that.

    My problem is that this active x control needs to sit on a server that clients will connect to from the internet. The server then allows the clients to connect to the DVR. The DVR is on the end of a VPN that only the server can see. The clients can't see the DVR directly only the server can. HELP my head hurts and I think i'm going mad. I'm sure it can be done, i'm positive it can be done, I just don't kow how to do it. Can anyone help - I will be eternally grateful. Honest.


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    I have never attempted something like that before, but I'm sure it's doable.

    You will probably need some sort of COM component to make this happen, or just use .NET.

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