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Thread: IFrame- how to detect change in URL

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    IFrame- how to detect change in URL


    I want to know how can I detect change in URL of an embedded IFRAME. For example, I have a page on mydomain.com and it embeds an IFRAME which shows page from unknowndomain.com. If user clicks on any link on the page shown in IFRAME, I want to detect this URL change.

    I have done enough net surfing and I am convinced this is not allowed due to security issues. However I came across this website-

    And I feel they are doing something similar, e.g. start with http://www.google.com and then click on images or any other link (don't type in the search box and do a search, it does not work then). You will notice that it is able to detect what new link is loaded in the iframe.

    Does anyone know how they are doing this?


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