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Thread: Solution required for CMS Directory

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    Smile Solution required for CMS Directory

    I would like some ideas for a potential solution in regards to this concept.

    I would like a CMS Directory that lists many profiles within specific directories. These profiles are similar to a minisite containing:
    - contact info, pictures, audio, google map integration etc ...
    These profiles are able to be edited by the user (front-end) and by admin (back-end)

    Therefore a user can enter the site, and either select what they are after according to the directories. The user is also able to perform a search by postcode and the specific directory; a list of all the profiles in the surrounding area will appear.
    The user can select which specific profile from the list and that minisite will load.

    I have done extensive research and found that Joomla with the SOBI2 extension is similar to what i am looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions for a potential system I could use. I understand that it will require specific modification.

    If anyone has some spare time to help me out, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank YOU

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    Have you looked at Drupal?


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