I have the latest stable build of Apache 2 installed on Windows XP. Everything is doing fine except I would like to change the DocumentRoot to another drive letter, from C:/foo to E:/foo. I like to keep my data off drive C if at all possible, and that includes any dev projects I'm doing.

I even tried changing the DocumentRoot to C:/htdocs, and of course created the directory. The only directory that works is the default directory path established when Apache was installed.

With the default Apache configs, going to in my browser pulls up the "It works!" page that comes with the Apache installation. Changing the DocumentRoot to C:/htdocs and putting the index.html file in there, and then restarting Apache via the Services Control Panel garners me a 403 Forbidden error in my browser. Changing the DocumentRoot to anything but the default DocumentRoot path gives a 403 forbidden error in a browser when going to

And yes I make sure I restart Apache every time I change the httpd.conf file.

What restrictions are there, if any, for the DocumentRoot directive? Are there permissions issues with the directory I created? If I were installing Apache on Linux, that would be my first thought, but right-clicking on the c:\htdocs folder and clicking properties doesn't give anything away.