First and foremost, here's the page I'm having trouble with:

Notice the large amount of whitespace below the product photo and above the product description. This is apparently turning a lot of people away because they are not scrolling down to find the description. This space is caused by the options box being so long. This is a Volusion website, so consequently, there's "nothing we can do to fill in that space". They made sure to program the site with no DOM id's or names so I can't call anything to add innerHTML. So I'm turning to WD for help, looking for two possibilities:

1. I need some Javascript to fill in that space without being able to call a DIV by id or name.


2. I need to add a link that will scroll to the product description. There are no names to the links, so I can't use anchors.

For now, I'm going to add an anchor to the description of every product, but I will need something more visually aesthetic.

Any ideas??? Anyone???

Tech Level: Somewhat High
Javascript Level: Lower Intermediate