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Thread: Which shopping cart software/system to use?

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    Which shopping cart software/system to use?


    I'm a FrontPage user with limited HTML experience. I'm about to start adding an online store to a clients site (www.power2u.org). They are a non profit org that helps people try to recover that have been labeled with mental illness. They currently sell books, tapes, dvd's etc through a Yahoo! Store that is a real bear to make changes to.

    I relocated their hosting account to WestHost partly because they offered Miva Merchant, but am concerned that you can only use FrontPage to create HTML which you have to paste in.

    There are many other shopping cart systems available that work as add-ons to FrontPage. Today I came across a link to FrontPage Cart http://www.frontpagecart.com which claims to be the best thing since sliced bread. I've also downloaded free trials of NetStores E-Commerce, SalesCart, Addsoft's StoreBot, and others that I've probably lost track of.

    Has anyone of you FrontPage users utilized Miva Merchant?

    Would you recommend keeping with a FrontPage add-on product, and if so which would you suggest.

    Is there a rating tool out there that I can use to compare products?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Tom Rogers

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    It sounds like this is your first experience useing the add-to-cart system.. One of the #1 sytems people are used to useing had alot of come to trust is paypal... Its has its own add to carte system and alot of other merchant tools... accepts all major credit cards.. Im sure you have heard of them but go to www.paypal.com and read up on it.. you select some options click create add-a-cart button they give you the code and boom you copy and paste.. ready to go add to carte system just keep adding buttons...

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    You could also try a free open source software program called OS-Commerce. IT's all pre-scripted and all you have to so is install it and than use the admin panel to add products. You can also integrate Pay-Pal as your credit processor into it.

    Take just a small learning curve to get it working. Goto www.oscommerce.com for more info.

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    Another good open source cart is "Zen Cart" - www.zencart.com . This is an off shoot from OSCommerce.

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    I recommend zen-cart, definatly better than Actinic and os-commerce. I can set it up for you aswell very cheaply if you got me the hosting.
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    recommend PDshop

    have used pdshop which is asp and asp.net for several clients. has worked out very good, will be using it again soon. best cart software out there for the price anyway!

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    There is a cart made by Boommerang software that integrates right into Frontpage. I remember one client using it - she was on a Windows server. It seemed fairly easy to use, especially if you were relying on other Frontpage Server Components

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    Lightbulb Zeuscart - Best Ecommerce Shopping Carts Software

    I have used http://www.zeuscart.com - Open Source shopping carts software and it is licensed under free GPL. Beside all other features this software is based on PHP Smarty templates, this makes it very flexible, seo friendly and easy to modify.

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