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    flash scrollbar

    Hi, I'm trying to make a flash website, where I need a scrollbar.

    Can anyone please help me with that.
    You can see the page on: www.fullcreation.com/dori
    I need to scroll the pictures on the page.

    If anyone could please help me in the right direction, that would be greatly apreciated.


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    Well technically speaking there is no such thing as a Flash Web site, only Web sites that include Flash. The actual pages will be HTML, XHTML, PHP, etc with your flash placed on the page.
    Looks like you want the lower part, with the sunglass thumbs to scroll. But Iíd recommend not scrolling the top or the viewer will lose the close-up as the thumbs scroll. So in Flash, under Windows menu, open the components window and look for UIScrollBar. You may need to review how to attach that component and get just the bottom thumbs to scroll correctly. Are you masking off at 600 height now and thatís why the lower thumbs donít show?

    Check out
    Now for the part about placing your flash on the Web page. Currently your swf dimensions are set at
    width="1024" height="768"
    1024 X 768 monitors never display at that full resolution anyway and any overflow but hidden will put in scroll bars to move that 10 or 15 pixels sideways.
    Yet the real sunglass display is much smaller, 800 X 600 or so. Why not downsize the dimensions in the fla to only include the display area? You also have in your CSS (a non Flash part of your Web page)
    #body {
    #html {
    So with that combination, youíll have to get the scrolling done in Flash with the UIScrollBar. But donít scroll the entire thing or the top will disappear when viewing the lower thumbs, just scroll the thumbs. Then depending on the content of your other pages you may want to use your Web browser scroll bars rather than the Flash ones and change your overflow.
    Good luck,

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