Hello all.

I've been, um, "recurited" by my wife to rebuild her website. I've come a long way by reading the site here and getting some help in the java script section. There is one last issue that I need to resolve.

When testing the site with FF, my flash menu disappeared. I had a similar issue with IE7 when installing the latest Flash 10 ocx (flash10b.oxc, 10r22). I fixed the IE issue by going back to 10a.ocx, 10r12.

With the thought of "working with everything" in mind, is there any reason why this should be happening?

The menu was generated with **************** 1.1 with 10r12 installed. It doesn't generate properly with 10r22 installed.

It could be an FMF issue... I think that's what it is, but their support seems to be a joke!

Is there any (free, I just spent 100 bucks on FMF) way that I could decompile the swf, rebuild using Flash pro CS4, so that it'll work with 10r22?

Sorry if the message is confusing... I'm struggling to provide as much information as I can but get over my head quickly.

Thanks in advance,