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Thread: Confused by IIS versus VWD 2008 Dev Server and System.Web.HttpRequest.ApplicationPath

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    Confused by IIS versus VWD 2008 Dev Server and System.Web.HttpRequest.ApplicationPath

    Using Visual Web Developer 08 and it's inbuilt Development Server I'm working through a LINQ to XML tutorial in a book.

    This line is giving me a problem:

    XElement doc = XElement.Load(Request.ApplicationPath + "\\authors.xml");

    Request.ApplicationPath retrieves a path "E:/C10_LINQ/authors.xml" which doesn't exist.

    I thought it should get something more http-ish like http://localhost/directory/website/authors.xml

    I thought this might be due to using the inbuilt server rather than IIS so I installed IIS 5.0 on XP, which opened up a whole new can of worms because I can't get the website to run.

    I am thrashing around in the dark with evil thoughts about reinstalling software!

    I seek your help and guidance thanks.

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    i think you want the RequestUri property, not application path
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    Of course, thank you!

    Got it to work firstly by calming down : ) reading the rest of the chapter properly and creating the XML file in the directory on my hard drive pointed to by Request.ApplicationPath.

    Then following your suggestion:

    XElement doc = XElement.Load(Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.Replace("tutorial.aspx", "Authors.xml");

    fudged it nicely.

    And I didn't reinstall anything lol

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