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Thread: Zelda Classic 2.10 (when run as administrator) used to work just fine on Vista

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    Question Zelda Classic 2.10 (when run as administrator) used to work just fine on Vista

    My sister's Vista I use Zelda Classic 2.10 now when I double click/run as administrator on the quest playing program the screen goes blank black yet I still hear sounds.

    The Quest Maker part of Zelda Classic 2.10 otoh (on the other hand) goes totally blank but when I press Esc and hit enter it gets out of ZQuest.

    Zelda Classic-W or whatever plays quests from Zelda Classic 2.10 I hit F8 and then enter and I get out.

    I will post more information on my sister's colors settings in my user.

    Or if rules allow show a YouTube video of it.

    Or just post about it.

    My sister used to have a windows monitor about 19 inches tall 18 inches wide now she has her Windows Vista hooked up to a Sanyo TV screen and the Sanyo Television is about 40 inches wide 37 inches tall.

    Thank you for all your help I am so new here.

    If this is in the incorrect spot sorry : (

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    thats a cool looking game i may have look into sometime!!

    as for the right place to post, id suggest:


    1. If you reply to my post, and your reply would then appear directly beneath my post, DON'T QUOTE MY ENTIRE POST!!! IT'S REDUNTANT!!! IT'S ASININE!!!! IT'S REDUNDANTLY ASININE!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!
    2. jQuery extends the functionality of JavaScript. If you don't know JavaScript, give up on that jQuery script and learn JavaScript. You'll save yourself a lot of frustration, I promise.
    3. Use the [code][/code] tags. Otherwise, you may be left wondering why no one responded to your eyesore of a thread.

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