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Thread: Zelda Classic 2.10 (when run as administrator) used to work just fine on Vista

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    Question Zelda Classic 2.10 (when run as administrator) used to work just fine on Vista

    My sister's Vista I use Zelda Classic 2.10 now when I double click/run as administrator on the quest playing program the screen goes blank black yet I still hear sounds.

    The Quest Maker part of Zelda Classic 2.10 otoh (on the other hand) goes totally blank but when I press Esc and hit enter it gets out of ZQuest.

    Zelda Classic-W or whatever plays quests from Zelda Classic 2.10 I hit F8 and then enter and I get out.

    I will post more information on my sister's colors settings in my user.

    Or if rules allow show a YouTube video of it.

    Or just post about it.

    My sister used to have a windows monitor about 19 inches tall 18 inches wide now she has her Windows Vista hooked up to a Sanyo TV screen and the Sanyo Television is about 40 inches wide 37 inches tall.

    Thank you for all your help I am so new here.

    If this is in the incorrect spot sorry : (

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    thats a cool looking game i may have look into sometime!!

    as for the right place to post, id suggest:


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