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Thread: Database query

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    Unhappy Database query

    Can anyone help?

    I have created a simple dtabase using Javascript. I have a list of products in a .js file, and a serach box along with a submit button on a html page.

    If I type in a product number, the query returns a table with information about the product.

    The problem is this:

    If my products list has upto around 10000 lines, the query works fine. However, when I exceed this number, the query returns no records. I need the query to be able to search up to 60000 lines!! I have not set a limit to the amount of records that can be returned.

    Any ideas?????

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    which database are you using?that might be a database restriction..or simply there mat not be records more then that.


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    Thanks for getting back tome.

    I'm not using a database as such. My html file searches a .js file. The products are held a s a text list, not in a table. There are definitley more tan 10000 records too!

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