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Thread: Resolution for a zoom on site

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    Resolution for a zoom on site

    Hello --
    I am hoping to incorporate a zoom function eventually on our web site(s). You know on a retail clothing site, where you can zoom in on the outfit and move around to see the details of the cut/ the fabric, etc?

    What resolution are they using there -- I am assuming it isn't higher than 96, but I may be wrong... it may still be 72 but just very large so the detail is viewable.

    Any one know about this and does anyone know of resources to get that zoom functionality in some javascript or something else that we can implement on our own? Thanks!

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    There are lots of options: http://www.google.com/search?q=scrip...ient=firefox-a

    As to resolution, a screen will only display 72 dpi - higher resolutions are for print.

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    Thanks KDLA --

    I'll ck that link out -- and yes, I know 72 is all that the monitor conveys, however, I am just wondering about being able to see great detail in a zoom -- like a weave of fabric... I'm thinking this just uses a LARGE 72 res image - and the zoom feature uses that? I was just wondering out loud whether 96 makes it any more clear - but I guess it would be the actual size of the image...?


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