Hello all, I'm in need of a strange duck apparently. Maybe you've seen one?

I have pMachine RSS feeds enabled on one site and it does a great job creating a simple RSS text feed on a template page, now I need a drop in cms to do this for podcasting mp3s on my website pages.

This software would need to populate the podcasting tags in a feed it creates with the mp3 tag info, file size etc. and allow me to edit and/or add any tag info not auto harvested. Needs to be RSS and iTunes complaint. Then it needs to behave as a typical cms and check for new mp3's (added to the page -sweet- or to the dir) and add a new <item> for that file to the podcast feed there by updating it's self - hopefully automatically.

There is more 'create by hand' adding one item at a time podcast feed generation software out there than you can imagine, and I've looked at way to many. I'm pulling my hair out! I have hundreds of free mp3's I need turned into feeds in batch, and then auto updated as I add new ones.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your feedback.....