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Thread: help need in add a "previous" and "next" button

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    Exclamation help need in add a "previous" and "next" button

    This my first post.hope i ll get help here.
    I'm using the following "smilies.php" script for viewing in mobile forum . I want to add a "previous" and "next" button. Any help would be great!
    HTML Code:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"  />
    <title>mobifrendz smilies</title>
    <link href="images/stylee.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <body class="style">
     <div align="left">
        <text align ="center"> 
        :)              <img src="images/smile.gif" /><br />
        :yu:            <img src="images/yu.gif" /><br />
        :yahoo:         <img src="images/yahoo.gif" /><br />
        :tease:          <img src="images/tease.gif" /><br />
        :friends:          <img src="images/friends.gif" /><br />
        :drunk:     <img src="images/drunk.gif" /><br />
        :cool:     <img src="images/cool.gif" /><br />
        :crazy:     <img src="images/crazy.gif" /><br />
        :bye:     <img src="images/bye.gif" /><br />
        :bb:     <img src="images/bb.gif" /><br />
        :cry:     <img src="images/cry.gif" /><br />
        :wub:     <img src="images/wub.gif" /><br />
        :dance2:     <img src="images/dance2.gif" /><br />
        :sorry:     <img src="images/sorry.gif" /><br />
        :please:     <img src="images/please.gif" /><br />
        :punish:     <img src="images/punish.gif" /><br />
        :sos:      <img src="images/help.gif" /><br />
        :hug:      <img src="images/hug.gif" /><br />
        :rtfm:      <img src="images/rtfm.gif" /><br />
        :drinks:     <img src="images/drinks.gif" /><br />
        :table2eg5:     <img src="images/table2eg5.gif" /><br />
    	:rockon:     <img src="images/rockon.gif" /><br />
    	:tooth:     <img src="images/tooth.gif" /><br />
    	:war:     <img src="images/war.gif" /><br />
    	:whoops:     <img src="images/whoops.gif" /><br />
    	:worthy:     <img src="images/worthy.gif" /><br />
    	:thumbdown:     <img src="images/thumbdown.gif" /><br />
    	:thumbup:     <img src="images/thumbup.gif" /><br />
    	:starwars:     <img src="images/starwars.gif" /><br />
    	:thanks:     <img src="images/thanks.gif" /><br />
    	:happy:     <img src="images/happy.gif" /><br />
    	:holdon:     <img src="images/holdon.gif" /><br />
    	:grr:     <img src="images/grr.gif" /><br />
    	:question:     <img src="images/question.gif" /><br />
    	:bye:     <img src="images/bye.gif" /><br />
    	:cheers1:     <img src="images/cheers1.gif" /><br />
    	:India:     <img src="images/India.gif" /><br />
    	:laugh11:     <img src="images/laugh11.gif" /><br />
    	:Loser1:     <img src="images/Loser1.gif" /><br />
    	:megadance:     <img src="images/megadance.gif" /><br />
    	:party:     <img src="images/party.gif" /><br />
    	:partytime:     <img src="images/partytime.gif" /><br />
    	:sad:     <img src="images/yms/sad.gif" /><br />
    	:grin:     <img src="images/yms/grin.gif" /><br />
    	:eyelashes:     <img src="images/yms/eyelashes.gif" /><br />
    	:bighug:     <img src="images/yms/bighug.gif" /><br />
    	:confused:     <img src="images/yms/confused.gif" /><br />
    	:love1:     <img src="images/yms/love1.gif" /><br />
    	:blush:     <img src="images/yms/blush.gif" /><br />
    	:tonque:     <img src="images/yms/tonque.gif" /><br />
    	:kiss:     <img src="images/yms/kiss.gif" /><br />
    	:heartbroken:     <img src="images/yms/heartbroken.gif" /><br />
    	:oye:     <img src="images/yms/oye.gif" /><br />
    	:angry:     <img src="images/yms/angry.gif" /><br />
    	:smug:     <img src="images/yms/smug.gif" /><br />
    	:cool:     <img src="images/yms/cool.gif" /><br />
    	:worried:     <img src="images/yms/worried.gif" /><br />
    	:tired:     <img src="images/yms/tired.gif" /><br />
    	:devilsh:     <img src="images/yms/devilsh.gif" /><br />
    	:laughing:     <img src="images/yms/laughing.gif" /><br />
    	:face:     <img src="images/yms/face.gif" /><br />
    	:isnot:     <img src="images/yms/isnot.gif" /><br />
    	:rollon:     <img src="images/yms/rollon.gif" /><br />
    	:starsmail:     <img src="images/yms/starsmail.gif" /><br />
    	:dork:     <img src="images/yms/dork.gif" /><br />
    	:wait:     <img src="images/yms/wait.gif" /><br />
    	:sleepy:     <img src="images/yms/sleepy.gif" /><br />
    	:puke:     <img src="images/yms/puke.gif" /><br />
    	:nono:     <img src="images/yms/nono.gif" /><br />
    	:pouting:     <img src="images/yms/pouting.gif" /><br />
    	:drooling:     <img src="images/yms/drooling.gif" /><br />
    	:thinking:     <img src="images/yms/thinking.gif" /><br />
    	:burr:     <img src="images/yms/burr.gif" /><br />
    	:clap:     <img src="images/yms/clap.gif" /><br />
    	:weep:     <img src="images/yms/weep.gif" /><br />
    	:rolleye:     <img src="images/yms/rolleye.gif" /><br />
    	:waiting:     <img src="images/yms/waiting.gif" /><br />
    	:cutface:     <img src="images/yms/cutface.gif" /><br />
    	:love:     <img src="images/yms/love.gif" /><br />
    	:cofee:     <img src="images/yms/cofee.gif" /><br />
    	:koihai:     <img src="images/yms/koihai.gif" /><br />
    	:smug1:     <img src="images/yms/smug1.gif" /><br />
    	:bye1:     <img src="images/yms/bye1.gif" /><br />
    	:relaxing:     <img src="images/yms/relaxing.gif" /><br />
    	:handsup:     <img src="images/yms/handsup.gif" /><br />
    	:nonowait:     <img src="images/yms/nonowait.gif" /><br />
    	:wits:     <img src="images/yms/wits.gif" /><br />
    	:oyela:     <img src="images/yms/oyela.gif" /><br />
    	:stillwaiting:     <img src="images/yms/stillwaiting.gif" /><br />
    	:mmmh:     <img src="images/yms/mmmh.gif" /><br />
    	:earlock:     <img src="images/yms/earlock.gif" /><br />
    	:silly:     <img src="images/yms/silly.gif" /><br />
    	:longhead:     <img src="images/yms/longhead.gif" /><br />
    	:smilie_fluester:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_fluester.gif" /><br />
    	:123:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_auslachen.gif" /><br />
    	:dusch:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_dusch.gif" /><br />
    	:muffin:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_muffin.gif" /><br />
    	:fee1a:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_fee1a.gif" /><br />
    	:fee:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_fee.gif" /><br />
    	:zauber:     <img src="images/yms/smilie_zauber.gif" /><br />
    	:wasntme:     <img src="images/yms/wasntme.gif" /><br />
    	:rogpen:     <img src="images/yms/rogpen.gif" /><br />
    	:rogju:     <img src="images/yms/rogju.gif" /><br />
    	:book:     <img src="images/yms/book.gif" /><br />
    	:computer:     <img src="images/yms/computer.gif" /><br />
    	:drummer:     <img src="images/yms/drummer.gif" /><br />
    	:sunny:     <img src="images/yms/sunny.gif" /><br />
    	:juggle:     <img src="images/yms/juggle.gif" /><br />

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    that smiles taking much time in loading mobile..so i want to keep 20 smiles per page..pls help me frendz

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    Please any 1 answer and solve this problem to me..thanks!

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