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Thread: Alt Clicking Iframes?!?

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    Alt Clicking Iframes?!?

    Hey, here is the site I am currently working on...

    In it is an iframe, that way I can change a big chunk of my layout and navigation without changing every single page. However the problem I am running into, is with new browsers, and firefox and chrome browsers, when you alt click, with the scroll on your mouse, it'll open a the page in a new tab.

    Well when the links in my page are targeted to change the iframe, and are alt clicked, it opens up just the page that should be in the iframe but not a new index...

    Recently, I added code to the Home and Noobesauce pages that redirects people to the index when they alt click, is there anyway to set the destination of an alt click?

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    Your IFRAME really isn't going to work for this purpose. Look into server side includes. But if your server doesn't support them then mark up the dynamic content in XHTML files but with an .XML file name extension. Then apply an XSLT style sheet that adds the static content and transforms the document to HTML.
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    Search engines HATE iframes.

    Maybe a uFrame?

    It works like an iFrame but is a DIV and the content will be parsed by Google.

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